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CineAsia 2018: Mauris team presented the Fander mobile app

Movie Expert Fander
CineAsia 2018: Mauris team presented the Fander mobile app

Our team has released the global update of the Movie Expert service with the new name ‘Fander’ and started to look actively for for new partners. We started at one of the three largest world film industry exhibitions - CineAsia.

CineAsia is an exhibition in Asia dedicated to the modern cinema industry. It brings together manufacturers, distributors and buyers of products and services for cinemas. The 23rd CineAsia in Hong Kong took place on 10-13 December 2018.

Mauris team unveiled Fander on CineAsia 2018

We were the only team that presented a mobile software solution for CineAsia. Fander caused surprise and interest among the participants and visitors of the exhibition, as they used to see there a variety of armchairs, audio equipment and popcorn but not an application for movie fans.

The exhibition stuck in memory with an unbelievable popcorn and the fact that the Chinese know nothing about “Star Wars” and “Tinder”. Therefore a lot of the details need to be worked out before can enter the Chinese market.

In general, the CineAsia formed positive impression: friendly people, interesting technologies and equipment for cinemas, well coordinated work of organizers and participants of the event. We were especially impressed with the speed of assembly and disassembly of the booths of the participants.

Participation in the exhibition CineAsia 2018

Let us remind that at the beginning of December we released an updated version of Movie Expert under the new brand Fander. Our team developed a new application design and many additional and interesting functions for our users. We are still working on the application to make it perfect for movie fans.

Fander is among the TOP-100 of entertainment applications at the App Store and was also named as one of “The best Ukrainian applications of 2018”. For those our users who have not installed the latest update yet we highly recommend to make it as soon as possible!

Download links: iOS, Android, or simply type “Fander” at the App Store or Google Play.

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